Elf on the Shelf is caught being naughty on surveillance cameras

Naughty or nice, beware: the Elf on the Shelf is always watching to report back to Santa what kids around the world are up to in the lead-up to Christmas.

And for the unbelievers, here’s definite proof that the cheerful scout elves—who hide while children are awake— get around the house when nobody is watching.

Surveillance footage shows the little Elves on the Shelf running around Christmas trees, messing with presents and even jumping on beds.

In one of the videos, mom Bobby Wilson tells her two kids how she installed a nanny cam in their bedroom to see if their elf would do anything once everyone went to bed.

naughty elf

‘Last night, when y’all fell asleep, we set up the camera to see if we could catch Elf flying around the house and see if he’d do something,’ she tells her young son and daughter in a YouTube video.

‘And guess what, we caught him — on camera, flying around the house!,’ she tells them, as the stunned kids listening in incredulously.

While Wilson’s children slept, her camera caught the elf jumping up and down their bed and flying around the room.

Other elves have been caught on surveillance footage running up and down stairs, changing family portraits and even messing with presents.

The North Pole did not immediately respond to call from DailyMail.com seeking comment. Click to read more.

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