Installation Tips on Infrared Night Vision Camera (1)

    Infrared night vision camera has prominent advantages such as long night vision distance, quality of concealment and stability and so on in the process of monitoring. Infrared camera should avoid direct light sources during its installation as the infrared light’s control of its power is based on the photoresistor installed in the infrared light board. In addition, please try to avoid the all black objects, open field, water and other objects which can absorb infrared lights in the infrared camera’s field of view, because if infrared lights are absorbed or weakened, the effect of infrared projection lamp and camera will be greatly weakened.

     Caution items in installing the infrared night vision camera are concluded as follow:

1) The transmittance and reflectance of different media are different, so different type of cover glasses, especially the glass that has the automatic defrosting coating layer will cause some extent of attenuation which must be paid special attention during the installation process;

2) The installation position of the equipment should avoid  aiming at bright light (such as sunlight, jacklight, etc.), otherwise phenomena like too bright or light stretching will be easily caused and the life span of CCD will also be affected;

3) The camera should stay away from the damp, dusty, extreme heat, extreme cold, strong electromagnetic radiation environment, etc;

4) Consideration of the light reflection extent of the object that is shot. The infrared light has the same properties of reflection, refraction and others as the visible light. Therefore, if there is no good reflective environment (such as buildings, fences, signs) around the target scene, a certain distance margin should be considered;

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