IP Camera Port Forwarding for 2wire router (1)

  1. IP Camera Port Forwarding for 2wire router.
    1000hg, 1000hw, 1000s, 1000sw, 1070-B, 1700hw, 1701HG, 1800hg, 2071, 2071-A, 2700hg, 2700HG-V2, 2701HG-B, 2700HBV-2, 2700HG-E, 2700HG-S, 2701HG, 2701HG-G, 2701HG-D, 2701HG-S, 2701HG-T, 2701HGV-B, 2701HGV-E, 2701HGV-W, 3800HGV-B
  2. Open a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Enter the internal IP address of your router in the address bar of your browser. Tthe default URL is
  3.  Click the Firewall Settings button, and then click Add a new user-defined application
  4. Add a new user-defined application.
  5. Protocol is TCP.Port for range is the port of the IP Camera.Protocol timeout is the default 86400

    And click Add.

  6. Sign the application for the IP Camera
  7. Select the IP camerain the list. You could choose the IP address or input the camera’s IP address; it depends on the router’s modelSelect allow individual applicationSelect User-defined

    Find your application

    Click Add

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