New Search Tool TENVIS EasySetup

   Exciting news! TENVIS has released a more advanced search tool named TENVIS  EasySetup.

     Compared to the previous one, TENVIS Search Tool, users can change the camera name directly without going to the settings. Change the password of the camera is also possible. The most convenient part is that users can setup Wi-Fi for the camera.

TENVIS EasySetup

     Users can download this software directly from our website.  Currently, the version for Mac supports some of the camera models. V1.1.1.2 for Mac supports models like TR3818/JPT3815W P2P/IPROBOT2/IPROBOT3/JPT3815W-HD/TH692/IP391W-HD. However, the Windows version is compatible with almost all the models. So, for Windows users, they do not need to worry the compatibility at all. Just download this software  from and have a try!

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