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The solution of IP camera FAQ (4)

when  our cameras work fine and send us email alerts with a URL but when we try to open it the link is not working,what we should do ? such as :” Jpt3815w motion detection picture. Help!! Hi my cam … Continue reading

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Port Forwarding for IP Camera in Netgear Routers 1 (2)

For CBVG834G-EN, CG3000, CG3000D-RG, CG814GCMR, CG814W, CG814WGv2, CGD24G, CVG824G, DGND3300v2, DM111PSP, DM602, HR314, MBR1210, MR814, RP614, RP614v2, RP614v3, RP614v4, WGR613VAL, WGR614, WGR614v10, WGR614v4, WGR614v5, WGR614v6, WGR614v7, WGR614v8, WGR614v9, WGT624, WGT624v3, WGT624v4, wgt634u, WGU624, WNDR3300, WNDR3400, WNDR3700, WNR1000v2, WNR2000, WNR2000v2, WNR3500   … Continue reading

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The solution about iPhone & internet streaming

Sometimes ,we may meet the question as follow : “Have downloaded 2 apps for the iPhone (i have a 4) P2pCam264 – only useful for LAN connection, no facility to enter a full URL CamViewer – connected, but still no … Continue reading

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The solution of IP camera FAQ (1)

“Hi i bought and setup my ip camera which works fine over the internet and fine over my 3g on my mobile.However when i connect to my wifi on my mobile and load up the ip cam app on the … Continue reading

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How to View the Camera from Internet(3g network or other location’s wifi)

If you want to view the ip camera from Internet(or 3g network or other location’s wifi),you should do 3 settings below: 1. Please double check the Basic Network Setting, especially the Gateway and DNS. http://www.tenvis.com/support_service_product.html?ip_camera=3&allofid=52 2 Port forwarding: You can try UPNP ( Automatic port forwarding) first, … Continue reading

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