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Landscaping Choices That Will Keep Your Home Safe

   With the weather becoming warmer and warmer, home security issues have been moved up to the agenda once again. In order to maximize home security and minimize risk, replace doors, locks or windows are not enough. In fact, landscaping … Continue reading

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Tourist Watched Burglars via Security Cameras Linked to Tablet

   A holidaymaker alerted police from 5,000 miles away after watching burglars ransacking his home via security cameras he had linked up to his iPad.    The unnamed home owner was enjoying a sunshine break in Mauritius when he noticed … Continue reading

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Simple Precautions to Prevent Summer Burglars

   The day after yesterday, we have shared with you some terrible home security news that happened in July daylight hours. After seeing this news, maybe you begin to worry about the security in your home surroundings. How to prevent … Continue reading

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Selling Your House? Home Security Tips Need to Follow

     Selling your house is not an easy task to handle. In fact, there are many things you need to do before selling the house, such as making a home selling plan, finding a trustful agent, trying methods as many … Continue reading

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Top 10 Tips on Home Security (Part II)

     In my previous article, I gave 5 tips on home security. Today, I’m revealing  the rest of them.  NO. 6 – Don’t Broadcast Announcing your vacation plans on your social networks might earn your empty home some unwanted … Continue reading

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