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IP Camera Port Forwarding for 2wire router (1)

IP Camera Port Forwarding for 2wire router. 1000hg, 1000hw, 1000s, 1000sw, 1070-B, 1700hw, 1701HG, 1800hg, 2071, 2071-A, 2700hg, 2700HG-V2, 2701HG-B, 2700HBV-2, 2700HG-E, 2700HG-S, 2701HG, 2701HG-G, 2701HG-D, 2701HG-S, 2701HG-T, 2701HGV-B, 2701HGV-E, 2701HGV-W, 3800HGV-B Open a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. Enter the internal IP address of your router in the address bar of your browser. Tthe default URL is  Click the Firewall Settings button, … Continue reading

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IP Camera Port Forwarding for O2 TG585v7 router

1) Click . If you are prompted for a login the username is “Administrator” and the password is the serial number of your router (printed on its underside, excluding the bit in brackets). 2) Click Toolbox > Game & Application Sharing … Continue reading

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Setting Up IP Camera Port Forwarding On Your Airport Extreme or Time Capsule (Apple Mac/Macintosh) (5)

1.  Go to your finder and type in Airport in the search and find your Airport Utility program. 2.  If it prompts you to be configured manually or not select Manual 3.  Find the Advanced Tab at the top and … Continue reading

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