TENVIS JPT3815-2013 IP Camera Firmware Update Released

A new firmware update for the JPT3815 2013 Edition Wireless IP/Network Camera has just been released (V 1.7.17). Many key issues were resolved and some major features updated. More details and instructions can be found here.

The primary issues which this firmware addresses are as follows:

I. Added front power indicator LED manually turn-off functionality

II. Resolved email alert malfunction when applying all of the 4 recipient email addresses

III. Resolved bug when using 21.cn as sender email address

IV. Resolved unsigned plug-in issue

V.  Improved alarm schedule

To the customers who have provided us important feedback, criticisms, and constructive suggestion, we cannot thank you enough. The release of this firmware and the specific issues addressed above are a direct result of your effort in telling us what you think. We are very grateful for that and you are encouraged to continue giving advice through email or posting on TENVIS forum.

We’ll strive to better product quality and customer service in order to meet and exceed your expectation.

Firmware Download for JPT3815-2013:


Product Page for JPT3815-2013:


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