TENVIS Works as Your Baby Monitor

     When a baby comes into the world, it looks so tiny, so vulnerable and so desperately need the parents to care good care of it without having the time to blink their eyes. However, the fact is that, everyday many mothers have to leave their babies for a period of time since many mothers need to go back to work, even full-time mothers need to deal with other affairs and have a rest from time to time. How to balance this situation? Fortunately for them, TENVIS IP camera can be a good helper to take good care of the baby.

    The  IP camera work as a living picture of the child, enables the parent to see what the baby is doingwhen the parents have to work in a separate room or go out to run some errands.There are many other advantages offered by TENVIS IP camera working as a video baby monitor. For example, the two-way communication function enablesthe mother to talk to her baby, sing a lullaby or just soothe the baby’s cries with her gentle voice.

    A zoom function and night vision is also available as babies need to be monitored even in the night time. Maybe the best part of an IP camera is that it can be monitored not only through computer screens, but also through tablets or smartphones which make the baby monitoring such a pleasant experience since every move or expression of you cute baby can be captured when itis not around.

    With these features able to film the baby, to take snapshots or to alert the mother that her child awoke, or may get hurt, the experience of being away from the baby will not have to be that worrying nor that horrible, and many new memories about the little angel can be made each day, at every given hour.


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