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Port Forwarding Guide for O2 Routers
1.  Click If you are prompted for a login the username is "Administrator" and the password is the serial number of your router (printed on its underside, excluding the bit in brackets).
2. Click Toolbox > Game & Application Sharing > Create a new game or application.

3. Enter the name of your application, e.g. IP Camera, click "Manual Entry of Port Maps", then Next.

4. In the list below Protocol, select the protocol of your application (e.g. TCP). In the two boxes below "Port Range", enter the port number of your application, e.g. 5070, then click Add. Repeat this step for all the ports you need forwarded.
Please note: Entering the port of the camera, eg 81.

5. Click "Assign a game or application to a local network device".

6. Select your newly created application in "Game or Application", eg: “IP Camera” select your device in Device or select User Define and input the camera’s IP address, eg: “”, then click Add.