FTP Alarm Setting

1. Please double check the Basic Network Setting, especially the Gateway and DNS. 

2. Operate FTP settings like the below.

FTP Server: the server’s address
FTP Port: the server’s port
FTP User: the username of FTP server
FTP Password: the password of FTP server
FTP Upload Folder: the folder in the server


a. Do not put a "/" at the beginning of any directory named in the "FTP Upload Folder" so "Camera" and "Camera/" are OK but "/Camera" and "/Camera/"will fail. (no quotes)
b. The Directory "Camera" (no quotes) must already exist in your FTP destination.  If not, the test will fail.
c. You do not need to specify a directory in "FTP Upload Folder".  Then all the uploads will go into the top level of the FTP directory.

3. Set
 Alarm Setting